Illustration for article titled I AM SORRY, I CANT BUY DRINKS THIS TIME

Friday of last week, we mourned the loss of two of our favorite and long standing tech team members—Ali and Maggie. They did not die, they just got better jobs.

Gawker had a tradition of celebrating the hard work of our dedicated and dear team members by paying a couple of hundred dollars (maybe even a $1,000!) for a bar tab at Sweet & Vicious.


Gawker is dead, Univision is our new stepdad, they have no interest in celebrating—but habits are formed and here I am having to go to the internet to ask for money.

I had three jargaritas—a bunch of you, likely with no ill intent, put your drinks on my personal AMEX. I know, I know, I am usually the guy that foots the bills—but with everything that is going on, I can’t do it this time.

Venmo me what you owe and don’t forget to add $1.59/drink for gratuity.

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